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About MCX Prints

MCX Prints is an online digital printing shop We create T-shirts, Wall Art, Coffee Mugs, Phone Cases, and more. We go for quality over quantity to deliver the best printed products to our customers. We strive to be as eco friendly as possible by printing a product as it is purchased, using recyclable materials, and working with other eco friendly companies. 

About Me​

I’m M.C., A Freelance Web Developer for the last 5 years. I am a proud Shiba Inu Dimond Fisted Hodler. I purchased my first batch of SHIB in September of 2021. I am a developer who builds websites for others and was trying to figure out a good way to help the Shiba Inu community and this was the idea I came up with. I am putting everything I have into this business. I believe Shiba Inu will succeed and hoping it will help me and my family for the better along with all of the other Hodlers.

MCXPrints Goals

The goal is to have the best quality materials,  print quality, designs, and prices. So I will continue to look for ways to bring the best quality and price I can. I will focus on quality materials and prints in the begging, designs will continue to improve change as time goes on. 

The Mission

MCXPrints.com was built to help burn Shiba Inu. I kept saying we need to find more ways to burn it and make it so people can spend it, the first step from me contributing to the community is creating a burring it. The next step I will be adding crypto currencies as a form of payment once there is enough capital set aside,  I will be using NOWpayment when accepting crypto so that they will also burn Shiba Inu as people make purchases on top of the burns MCX Prints will be doing.

The plan

Look I’m going to be upfront and honest here I’m putting everything I can into this to get it going, so on launch I will be putting every dollar I can into PayPal after everything else it’s about $200 (away from my bank/bills lol). After there is at least $2,000 in profit, half will be used to purchase Shiba to be burned. The other half will be set aside to help the capital for the business grow till there is enough to start using NOWPayment and make it so Shiba along with other cryptos can be used to purchase products. I want to give Shiba utility and this is one of the ways I plan on doing it. The goal is $5,000.

icon About

If you would like to help I will be setting up ways for the community to also assist in a few different ways.

If you have designs you would like to submit and add to our collection there will be a submission form for it

I’m working on a way for people to donate their Shiba Inu through a coinbase wallet I will be using to send the burns through so that people can track the wallet, for those who don’t want to pay the ETH fees if they’re to high. 100% donated will go to burn.

Next I'm considering making a way to donate to the paypal wallet to help build the capital for the business so that I can add crypto transactions sooner.

If you would like to assist with marketing that would be very helpful, I have setup an affiliate program so that those who do help with market and bring traffic to MCX Prints can earn a commission. For those who like myself have a skill but still aren’t well off yet and those who are skilled at marketing. Become an affiliate



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